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Podcast Guide to the World of Exalted Series - Artwork

For this work I was tasked with creating the visual assets to accompany this Podcast series. As an audio only media form, it might be surprising how important the visual aspect of the Podcast can be. It is the first  part people interact with and can influence their decision to listen. The Podcast carries a clear topic exploring the Exalted tabletop roleplaying game and this was to be reflected in the artwork.

Due to the breadth of potential topics to be covered in the Podcast, it was best the the artwork be more generic and all-encompassing. This is what lead to using cartography as the basis for the artwork.

The Exalted game has a large and engaged player base and established communities across the web, as well as having had previous revisions.
As such, this made referencing the map no small feat as there are so many versions to balance. 
By referencing up to four different maps while working, I feel a nice balanced medium was reached the accurately reflects the geography across all maps referenced.

The artwork delivered was:

  • Podcast Cover Art

  • Blank Episode Cover Art (Applicable titles can be added)

  • Twitter Banner

  • Website Banner

All of these can be seen here as well as at the links to the Podcast. If Like the artwork here, or are interested in Exalted and it's lore, be sure to check out the Podcast and supporting site!

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