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Hate Book

There is a fair lot going on in this project. this was an illustration project centering around the something that we hate. We had to create a whole book about the subject.
I chose bras.


I went around a diverse group of women and asked them to do a simple line drawing of their boobs and write a short sentence saying one thing they hated about bras. Then I went away with this and illustrated an extreme representation of a bra that is exactly what they said they hated.
When it came to binding, the cover of the book itself is made from a bra. You have to undo the clasps to be able to look inside the same as you would when taking off a bra.
I have printed only on the right hand side of the spread throughout the book and every other page is a tracing paper sheet. The tracing paper sheets have the illustrations of bras that I did and the next page has the boob drawing. The idea is that the bra is overlaid onto the boobs as if they are wearing the bra and when you turn the page you are removing the bra and relieving them of the hatefulness! This is wear the blank pages on the left come it as when you turn the tracing paper over it flips the images but it makes it a double page spread.
As you can see by how much I have written about this project, I really enjoyed it and I feel it is one of my best pieces.

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