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YouTube Series Opening Sequence

My idea for a final project is to produce a title sequence for a movie or TV show. I could either create the idea for a whole film/series and then produce the title sequence to match my idea. The alternative, which would be more industry appropriate, is to produce a title sequence for and already existing film/series or a pretend reboot for a show. This may be better as on the job you would not be the ones creating the whole show, you would be brought a project and asked to create a sequence for it.

I went to all of the locations in my past that are significant and shot some short clips that would provide a summary of the location or significant time in my life. I set all these clips up as if they are moving photographs. I wanted it to appear like a snapshot in time or a memory, but with movement to bring them to life. I then drew over each frame one at a time to create the moving highlight lights that bring the whole sequence to life! 

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