Green Vibes

 New Logo for the site and my social media based on my new hair.

New Logo for the site and my social media based on my new hair.


So as I mentioned in my last post, I have changed my hair again.

Don't despair though because I had the pink hair for a very long time by my own standards and it was definitely time for a change. The change followed the fact that I had a lot of the length of my hair cut off because the ends had become very ratty and I thought that I should complete the transformation with a change of colour.


The first picture shows my hair after having it cut and the second shows it after the dark roots were done.

As you can see above the pink colour of my hair is much darker after having the roots dyed and that is because I did my best with the pink dye to cover the muddy colour that it gone but this didn't last and I decided to change the colour.


The idea


This is the image that can take all of the credit in convincing me to dye my hair green. I even dyed my hair the same green as this.

When my hair was finished I was absolutely delighted but it did not last as long as I thought it would, not by a long shot.


Green Vibes...

This is the straight after the green was done and it was really vibrant and even matched my trousers!

After this is faded down to a lovely shade really closely matching the shade in the Pinterest image and I was really happy it, it is possible up there with one of my favourite hair colours.


New Shade

This is a better picture of the finished hair that I was very pleased with.

I try not to wash my hair with shampoo for a day or so after colouring it but I do still rinse it clean in the shower I just don't use shampoo for a bit. After this picture I washed my hair for the first time with shampoo. And it didn't just fade, oh no, it turned bright blue! It was a right shock let me tell you. 

Wrong Colour

As you can see this is very much not green anymore. Some of it is still green but most of it is blue.

So there you have it. you are fully up to date with my hair situation. Of course, as you can imagine I am going to be trying to fix this a make it go back to green, and I will update you on that when it has been achieved. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed.