February Favourites 2017

Hello and welcome back!

Apologies for me recently not being around. I know that I recently wrote our schedule when I was to post a blog post, a video, or do a live stream, but recently my course has been very demanding and struggling to stick to it. I have been focusing on making sure that my YouTube videos have gone up in time rather than my blog post.

So today I have a new blog post for you about my February favourites. As I said before I'm going to be writing blog posts based on the things that I have filmed videos about. Apart from those times where the video isn't really something that I can or really think it's worth writing a blog post about (Best feelings play through et cetera).

So to begin, there was a lot in my favourites this week but I will be beginning with all of the holographic items that I own. I will be grouping all of these together as they are all on the list for the same reason; they are all holographic! The carousel containing an image of each of the items can be found below. All of the in-depth descriptions of the items can be found in the video which also can be found below.

The actual reason why I like all of these items so much is completely unknown to me, I feel that is because some strange my personality love these kind of crazy about fair things. However I do know for a fact the reason I own so many of them is purely because I have an obsession with matching things. If there is one item that I like that it turns out there are five more items are completely matching in every way part of the set, even if I don't need those items at all I will still buy them just because they match. I feel like this may be my fatal flaw.

The next item on my list is my sketchbook and tracing paper which I use in my sketchbook. The sketchbook is made by a company called Royal & Langnickel. And then the tracing paper is just generic tracing paper. I love this sketchbook purely because it is hardbound and brightly coloured, is really easy to remove and replace pages in a way that suits the way I work and I can also add pages that one originally even found in the book such as tracing paper pages which I often use as annotation tools or print on the templates and use them as layovers for the work below.

Next I have my camera accessories to tell you about. On my blog I have not yet announced the arrival of a new member to the camera family. I have recently purchased the Nikon 1 J5 camera. I love this camera a lot and it has helped me greatly with filming videos and vlogging. This section of the blog is dedicated to a couple of the accessories that I got to go alongside this new camera.

The first thing I got is a leather protective case that matches that case I already have for my large Nikon DSLR. The case is a nice tan leather with brass furnishing, it is also relatively sturdy and the area around the lens is very solid and offers great protection. The other thing I have recently bought alongside the camera is a pistol grip style handle. This handle is especially good for vlogging because it means that I can hold the camera away from me and facing myself without obscuring the microphone and buttons that are on the body of the camera.

The last thing on my list I would like to talk about my brand-new mug! This mug I bought from Habitat. It is a stone when mug named Lia. It has a black finish and it looks very sleek but best of all is absolutely massive. Where is a handmade item it has lots of imperfections but that is the precise reason I love it. It can hold maybe 500 ml or slightly more and above all it just feels very homey and heartwarming.

So that is everything on my list of my February favourites for 2017. I do plan on writing a blog post for all of my favourite videos as well as other videos I film that I feel repaired nicely with a blog post of course some of my videos don't fit well to go alongside a blog post so those ones I won't write one for.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed.